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System Setup and Training

Acoustical and Noise Problems

We help businesses, churches, home owners, sports facilities...

If you have lighting, sound, or video system needs, we provide professional design for new systems as well as repair or upgrades for existing systems.   

What our clients are saying...

We built a new meeting room but we had noise problems every time we tried to use it.

When the room was full of people, there was so much noise, you couldn't even think.  It was also hard to understand what was being said during a presentation.  We would get complaints from people that use the room, but were unable to get things working any better.  Someone got a sound system, but that didn't really seem to help the problem at all. 

Acoustical Design was able to understand and diagnose our situation.  They provided solutions to correct the problem.   With their help, we haven't wasted money on a room that looks nice but can't be used effectively. 

We had already spent money three or four times upgrading or replacing our sound and lighting system.  Each time, there was difference, but things never really seemed any better. 

The controls were always difficult to operate, and even though the salesman did a quick training session after the system was installed, no one could remember how the thing worked when we needed to use it.  When we called, they would take a message and promise to have someone call back, but the technical support wasn't really all that technical... and the support?  There were times when we knew more about our system than the support person on the phone. 

Other times when they tried to help, we didn't understand what they meant and were unable to get things working well.   They would come out later and re-adjust the system, but we usually experienced a repeat of the last time things were adjusted.

Acoustical Design discussed our previous problems, designed a solution to address our needs, and now when we do have issues, we can talk to someone who can help us get up and running right away. 

We have a lighting system that has been installed for about 15 - 20 years.  Over time, part of the system had stopped working and some of the special system capabilities were inactive.  The system would sometimes not work reliably and the lights would either flash or flicker when they were used. 

We were told by the manufacturer that the system should be replaced but the cost was far more than we could afford.  We wanted someone to repair what we had so we didn't have to start over from the bottom up.

Acoustical Design sent technicians  with specialized test equipment to diagnose the problems.  They were able to repair some components and get the system back up and running reliably.  They also saved us 75% of the cost of a new system by utilizing what we already had. 

No Dead Spots Less is More

Lighting System Resuscitation

We had purchased new sound equipment when we built our church.  The company that installed the original system kept trying to sell us more new equipment and we wondered why we needed more.  We were also experiencing acoustical problems and were not sure why.

We contacted Acoustical Design and they were able to identify some of our equipment that was inadequate.  Other things were fully functional but were not properly adjusted so we weren't receiving the full benefit.  They removed some of our speakers and re-aimed the remaining ones. 

We now have a sound system that is noticeably better than ever before.  We didn't realize how severe the dead spots in the seating area were. The speaker aiming has corrected that.  If we had called Acoustical Design earlier, we would have saved money that we spent on Unnecessary equipment.

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