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​Video system Installation & Design

Does your screen looked washed out and hard to see?  We have the tools to make sure you are getting the most out of your system, so your images look bright and crisp.

​Sound system Service & Design

We have over 20 years of experience designing custom sound systems to get the best coverage at every seat in the house.  We make sure your audience can hear.

Service & Repair

Having issues with your system and not sure how to fix it?  Whether it's Audio, Video, Lighting, or Acoustics, we provide fast, friendly service to determine the source of the problem and what can be done to fix the defective part.  We only replace something if it needs to be replaced.

Acoustical Installation & Consulting
Does your room sound "echoey"?  Would you like to NOT hear the loud music coming from the other room?  We have been designing solutions to help with all types of acoustical issues for many years.  You may not need a new sound system, just a treatment solution.

​Lighting Installation & Design

Are there dark spots on your stage or harsh shadows on your subjects.  We know what it takes to get nice even coverage of light on a source so no matter what the event, your subject will look its best.

Home Theater Installation & Service

Are you wanting to get in on the latest technology out there, but aren't sure if you can trust those Big Box guys?  We have been installing the latest in Home Theater technology for over 20 years.


System Training
Do you currently have a system that you find too complicated and are unsure how to use it?  We will train you on any system, whether you purchased it from us or someone else.  

Maintenance Agreements
Do you never change the oil in your car? Are you sure that projector lamp will get you through your big event coming up?  Does your sound system not sound as good as it used to? We can partner with you to make sure your system is always running at tip-top shape so there are no big surprises when it's crunch time.

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